Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics Realities

The reality of any product in the marketplace is that at some point in time, some items will be returned. Whether the product is defective or the end customer simply changed their mind or didn’t like their gift, you need to be prepared to manage the reverse logistics of your business.

Returns management needs to be efficient in order to minimize the impact on your bottom line. By outsourcing this time-consuming aspect of your business to McKenna Logistics, your product returns may never need to pass through your hands.

Dedicated Reverse Logistics Specialists

As part of the POD Program at McKenna, a dedicated team in our returns room will manage your reverse logistics. These specialists are not only experts in returns management, they are also educated when it comes to dealing with your product.

When returned products are received at one of our warehouses, your team will review the return and depending on the reason for it, take steps to get it back in the supply chain or back to you. If a product is undamaged and has been returned due to customer preferences or other reasons that don’t impact the product’s quality, McKenna may be able to repackage and restock the items on site at the warehouse.

If a product is defective or otherwise damaged, McKenna will see that it is returned to you for repair or disposal, according to your internal processes.

Let McKenna ease the realities of your reverse logistics to keep your supply chain moving with minimized expense and hassle to you.



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