Distribution and Shipping for All Levels

Different businesses have different needs for their distribution logistics.  Whether you work with smaller independent retailers or the largest mass retail outlets, McKenna offers logistics services to meet your needs.



Reliable Mass Retailer Logistics

One of the greatest challenges facing manufacturers today is managing the mass retailer logistics of today’s market, who have strict requirements for how deliveries must be structured. One of the greatest advantages offered to McKenna customers is our long-standing relationships with many of the key retailers in Canada. We continuously strive to meet the stringent delivery compliance standards of retailers and our distribution customers receive outstanding compliance scores and recognition from retailers because of McKenna’s industry-leading accuracy and flexibility.



Independent Retailers


If you work primarily with independent retailers, you may not need to worry about compliance standards, but you will be dealing with distribution logistics for smaller orders with a wider variety of clients. McKenna will work with you to help determine the best logistics strategy for your specific needs. We can handle all of your needs, from arranging efficient LTL shipping (Less Than Truckload) to making delivery appointments with your clients for reliable shipping schedules they can trust.



From Toronto Logistics to the World

While we focus our distribution logistics services on the Canadian marketplace, we do also service the global market. This makes McKenna an excellent distribution partner for Canadian companies who are beginning to make forays into the larger global economy. Plus, we can offer savings to you through the outstanding freight pricing our suppliers offer us due to our combined trucking volumes and excellent reputation and track record.




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