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Supply chain logistics is the process by which goods and supplies are stored and distributed for sale and consumption. In today’s world, this is primarily associated with the storage, shipment and packaging of commercial goods between where they were manufactured and the end user, the consumer.

A product may move through multiple different locations for warehousing and transportation before it arrives at its final destination. Many factors must be considered at each stage, and the cost and administration at each stage can be prohibitive.


For many companies, the prospect of maintaining a warehouse and shipping their product is a daunting one. Using a third party logistics company or 3pl is a viable way to manage the movement of their product while maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs.

Different products have different supply chain logistics needs, based on the shelf life of the product, as with food; the seasonality of demand for the product, such as electronics, which are in high volume demand around the holidays; and the markets where they are in the highest demand. A 3pl like McKenna Logistics is an expert in the warehousing and transportation of goods, and can manage all of these special needs, leaving you free to concentrate on your area of expertise, your business.

McKenna Logistics offers a wide variety of logistics services to create a seamless process for your business. We work with you as a partner to ensure all of your needs are fulfilled.

As your third party logistics company, the services we offer you include:

  • Kitting
  • Pick and Pack
  • Cross Docking
  • Transportation Services
  • Overall Logistics Management

We welcome you to explore the articles (link to Articles page) and other resources (link to Links page) on this site to help you understand your options in logistics and make informed decisions for all of your supply chain logistics needs.


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