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Handle with Care for Successful Electronics Logistics

Technology is a powerful tool in today’s world, and technology is composed of products and hardware that require special handling. Your electronics logistics need to be managed by distribution warehousing providers who understand your industry and your products.


McKenna Logistics has extensive experience in working with technology products and our logistics solutions can be customized to suit your business. 



Put Our Logistics Technology to Work for your
Technology Logistics

Our NetView logistics software lets you monitor your inventory and shipments at any time. We use RF tracking technology to ensure your product is readily available when you need to ship it, whatever the season, wherever it is needed.

McKenna understands your electronics logistics needs. Some of the benefits of working with us include: 

  • Seasonal requirements, such as increased demand on laptops for back-to-school each fall or MP3 players on every holiday wish list, are easily accommodated with our extensive distribution warehousing space across Canada.
  • We can make recommendations on the best practices for storage, labeling and packaging your products for efficiency and order fulfillment accuracy.
  • Secure locations with extensive tracking technology capabilities ensure your valuable products are safe and secure and accessible to you at all times.

Check out our article on Electronics Logistics or contact us today to put our logistics solutions to work for you.



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The Consumer Electronics Show is the most important trade show of the year for the electronics industry and ALL THE BIG PLAYERS will be there. At McKenna, as we deal with numerous electronics companies, we feel that it is beneficial for us to attend to talk with our existing customers but also to meet new prospects and explain what we can do to help them out in Canada.

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3PL Costs

How many times have you received a quote for a service and you believed that it was too high? You diligently did your homework and gathered some quotes from other providers to ensure that the service quoted is competitive and a reflection of what the current marketplace will offer. Once you compare the quotes-the question often becomes: Which competitor is going to provide me with top of the line service and at a fair price? 3PL providers and prospects do not operate any differently-in fact, as a salesperson, I get to listen to the prospect ask all the time-well your quote, at times , is higher or lower than the rest. I always respond by walking the client through the service quoted and the value that our 3PL will provide for the rate that has been quoted. It is my job to convince the prospect that the rate quoted is a reflection of our service levels and our ability to get the job done right the first time.



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