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Playing the Game in Sporting Goods Logistics

Every industry has unique needs when it comes to their third party logistics provider, and sporting goods manufacturers are no exception. Many sports are seasonal, so consumer and therefore retail demand fluctuates throughout the year. When spring comes around, every one of your customers, large and small, is going to be in need of baseball equipment. Come fall, they all start looking for skis and snowboards. And the holidays are open season for a wide variety of sports fans’ wish list fulfillment. You need to know that the warehousing and storage space you need will be available.

Running your business successfully includes understanding the ebb and flow of market demands for your products, including how you will manage this flow through your third party logistics provider. Sporting goods logistics requires knowledge not only of seasonality, but the best channels for your products and how to work with those retailers and suppliers for the most efficient results.


McKenna is your Star Player for Sporting Goods Logistics

McKenna knows what it takes to be at the top of your game in sporting goods logistics and we offer a number of benefits to help ensure your products are readily available no matter what the season.

  • With more than 350,00 square feet of warehousing and storage space across Canada with a well-balanced client load, you will always have the playing field you need, when you need it most, for everything from football to figure skating.
  • McKenna’s logistics consultants will review your needs and offer strategy suggestions to improve your efficiency, whether it’s the best way to store your goods for effective distribution and order fulfillment or knowing the rules of the game when it comes to mass retail compliance standards.
  • Our relationships with mass retail in Canada ensures you more than top compliance scores on order delivery and accuracy and we can also help scout the best players to sell your product

A Winning Team

When you work with McKenna as your third party logistics provider, a winning team is formed. For more information on sporting goods logistics, please see our article library or contact us.


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