Pick and Pack

Customizing Order Fulfillment for Your Customers


At McKenna we understand order fulfillment completely. We know that just because we’ve received a full pallet of your product into our warehouse, it doesn’t mean that you require it to be shipped to your customer in that format or volume. Each individual customer may depend upon receiving a unique product fulfillment for their store or location, and McKenna can help you meet these varying needs to keep your customers happy.


The Pick and Pack Process

Our value-added pick and pack service allows you to deliver exactly what your customers need through warehousing services that process your shipment to meet every specialized order. 

Pick and pack services include:

  • Deconsolidating pallets 
  • Storing products based on pre-assigned SKU numbers 
  • Breaking down cartons and picking individual items (inners or eaches) 
  • Building new cartons, packs or pallets so that your products can be packaged to fulfill specific customer orders

Inners and Eaches

Within your shipment, each pallet of boxes consists of inners and eaches. Inners are the smaller cartons contained within each box and eaches are the individual products pulled from within those cartons. McKenna’s skilled warehouse teams are trained to create the most efficient storage and packing processes to ensure your products are always readily available to your customers in whatever product fulfillment combinations they require.


This customized pick and pack service means that we can meet any of your customers’ individual product needs, large or small, with accuracy and in a timely manner. 


McKenna’s warehousing services help to ensure that we continue our rate of 99.9% customer satisfaction on order fulfillment.



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