POD Program

An important aspect of your logistics solution is making sure you’re working with someone who understands the warehousing and distribution needs of your business and your clients, and who will work with you to ensure those needs are accommodated.

McKenna’s Warehouse POD Program


All of McKenna’s warehouses across Canada are organized into a number of “POD’s.” Each of these “PODS” are distinct business units that are staffed with your highly skilled and dedicated Customer Service Representative (CSR), an Operations leader and a team on the floor who are educated in your specific warehouse fulfillment requirements.

At our Lakeshore facility, the four standard PODs for warehousing and distribution of your products are:

  • White goods (i.e. appliances and other larger products)
  • Pick and Pack (working with smaller parts and products for customized warehouse fulfillment)
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (for mass retailer logistics)
  • Returns Room (to manage your reverse logistics processes as seamlessly as the rest of your shipping needs)

Accountable Warehouse Teams


Each POD is evaluated and rewarded based on four levels of performance:


  • Service Quality (including order and shipping accuracy)
  • Labour Ratios
  • Storage Optimization
  • Health and Safety

Since every warehouse uses the same structure and procedures, our people get to know your people and products intimately. The added value to your logistics solution is found in the clear communication channels, seamless process regardless of changes in personnel on either side and efficient and accurate warehouse fulfillment and shipping.



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