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“Grow their Resumes!”

One of the core elements of the business culture at McKenna Logistics Centres is that we would prefer to employ people for their minds -not just their hands. McKenna Logistics identified long ago that one of the secrets to becoming a High Performance company was that the safeguarding of that Standard needed to rest with the individuals that have traditionally been the ‘Hands On’ side of the business.

It’s common knowledge that as companies grow, many pitfalls await them. Decision-making must be pushed down from the CEO and generally is done so belatedly thru the development of an entire level of middle management that ‘polices’ the company. Best Practices that were ‘core’ as a small company prove more elusive at scale as knowledge moves further up the organization chart away from the day-to-day activities of the business.

Not so at McKenna. The focus instead was to build a business of experts with responsibility and authority at the floor level. The challenge was to ‘morph’ a workforce that typically was viewed exclusively as ‘worker bees’ in the industry into Service Minded, Business Savvy partners within the operation. If successful, this would ingrain a culture of professionalism and expertise deep into the organization ensuring sustainability of that standard and create a truly superior Brand.

When we took an overview of the industry in 2006 we could not identify where the Logistics Experts were being cultivated within our industry. Organizations like the International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) were important leaders in educating business leaders, but there was a dearth of opportunities for ‘forklift operators’ to get exposed to focused business structures and ongoing training to transition them from ‘Line workers’ into knowledgeable partners with a comprehensive understanding of Metrics, KPI’s, and Cost Management.


The company directive was: Build a structure where our employees enter as Forklift Operators and Customer Service Representatives and graduate into equal business partners within our organization.

McKenna University has grown into that and more. Employees are sought out who seek greater opportunities for themselves beyond their existing set of skills. Focused programs using the very clients they handle on a day in, day out basis help to teach business Best Practices, Space Optimization, Fiscal Analysis, Contract and Time-stamp Interpretation. This results in a much more comprehensive understanding of the business.

Operations, Sales, and Freight Departments currently move their employees through a graduated series of courses, each designed to benefit the resumes of the employee and in doing so clearly help safeguard the goal of enhancing McKenna’s standard as a high performance company. When the employees are industry experts, the company can easily deliver some of the highest standards of service within the industry.


McKenna University, the reason both McKenna and its employees are BEST IN CLASS. 



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