Independent Retail

Effective Solutions for Independent Retailer Logistics

While many manufacturers seek the bright lights of mass retailers for their product lines, other niche products may be better suited to smaller shipments to independent retailers.

At McKenna Logistics, we understand that there is more to logistics services than mass retail alone. Whether independent retailers supplement your sales or are your core target audience, McKenna can keep them happy and keep your distribution supply chain running smoothly.


Flexible Independent Retailer Logistics for Diverse Clients

Without the stringent compliance standards of mass retail, there is more flexibility in managing your distribution supply chain to independent retailers.

Our Pick and Pack service allows you to customize orders from large to small, no matter what combination of products is required. Each retailer can request specific items in specific quantities, according to their needs at any given time.

Using small package or LTL shipping (Less Than Truckload), we can make even your smallest deliveries timely and cost effective so that you make the most of every sale. We will schedule delivery appointments with your clients so they can count on their shipment arriving safely and on time.

McKenna will collaborate with you to determine the best logistics solutions for your business’s distribution supply chain when it comes to working with independent retailers. This includes the most efficient storage and packing methods so all of your products are easily accessible when your customers need them.

Talk to us today about the best strategy for your independent retailer logistics.

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Independent Retail Industry
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Independent Retail Industry
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Independent Retail Industry
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