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Internet Fulfillment: Septic Saviour
Repackaging and Internet Order Fulfillment

Sales and Distribution Success Found in Canadian Market with McKenna - Increased sales and process efficiencies created through strategic use of outsourced 3PL.


Based in Deerfield Florida, AJ Larkin is a small company with a big product. Septic Saviour is an environmentally friendly remedy used to protect the integrity and performance of septic systems. The growing trend in both the US and Canada of building homes in less populated rural areas where there is no infrastructure of sewers has lead to the mass installation of septic systems. The Septic Saviour remedy can lead to savings in excess of $20,000 in repairs to these septic systems.

When this privately owned company realized that their profit potential was limited by only 25% of the US population living in rural areas where septic systems were prevalent, they looked to Canada for new sales opportunities. According to the Statistics Canada census conducted in 2006, 1/3 of the Canadian population resides in a rural area – where they more than likely use a septic system.

Armed with this information but lacking the capital to get their Canadian operation started with its own warehouse, staff and equipment, AJ Larkin looked for an outsourced 3PL provider in Canada who could address Septic Saviour’s requirements for warehousing, order picking, customer invoicing, internet and mail order processing, and the repackaging of returns.



In July 2006, AJ Larkin turned to McKenna Logistics for the successful Canadian launch and logistics management of Septic Saviour.

McKenna Logistics Centres have been experts in serving the Canadian market for over 50 years. Septic Saviour needed to invest in a 3PL that could bring their number one product to the rural Canadian population with limited cost but at a rapid pace to meet the Internet Order Fulfillment demand that they were experiencing.

The need for Returns Management was also a concern for AJ Larkin as they wanted to be able to repackage returned product into re-saleable condition in a small period of time. AJ Larkin did not want to re-ship the returned product back to the US as the costs associated with this would far outweigh the advantages of repacking the product in Canada.

McKenna’s affordable transportation and mail services provided the ability to send out thousands of invoices and manage mail correspondence with various customers located all over Canada at any time on behalf of Septic Saviour.



Since June of 2006 McKenna Logistics Centres has partnered with Septic Saviour to bring over 6,000 units to date of Septic Saviour Remedy to rural areas located in the US and Canada with the intensive Internet Order Fulfillment processes.

Repackaging Septic Saviour returns has led to a substantial reduction in shipping, storage, materials and broker fees associated with shipping the returns back to the US.

As a result of using a 3PL, Septic Saviour has been able to focus on developing their product line, marketing and sales abilities to promote the rapid expansion AJ Larkin needed to sustain their growth and success.

This is just one example of how McKenna Logistics Centres has been able to help our customers successfully deal with complicated logistical issues. Outsourcing the services of a 3PL can directly lead to the successful growth of revenue, process efficiencies, and to a progressive and popular product line for our clients. Our Internet Order Fulfillment capabilities, the ability to mail invoices and repackaging services became the central focus of Septic Saviour’s success in the Canadian market and in the US.



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